Beef Farming

Beef Farming

Maximize live weight gain and help maintain consistency of production

High-quality nutritional feeds which improve the well-being and performance of animals.

Our experienced technical team use their knowledge in animal nutrition along with the latest nutritional research to work as partners to our farmers to Unlock Farm Potential.

Beef Farming Challenges

Beef Farming Challenges

Are you looking to:

  • Reduce sorting

    The moisture content in our feeds helps to bind the feed ration. The high palatability reduces sorting and the therefore the rations left in the bunk across the day.

  • Manage Feed Costs

    Moist feeds are sold on a similar dry matter basis as dry feeds, with the added benefits of extra protein and palatability.

    With a consistent nutritional analysis, moist and liquid feeds provide excellent value in any feed system.

  • Increase herd performance

    Moist feeds are highly palatable and increase intakes promoting herd health and consistantly improving herd performance.

  • Easier handling and feeding

    Moist feeds can be bunked and handled using a loader. They can be fed to livestock in a wide range of feeding situations, as part of a total mixed ration (TMR), or to replace part of the concentrate fraction of a simple feed regime.

    Liquid feeds are delivered in bulk loads and pumped into storage tanks. From there they can be fed directly from the outlet pipe into a diet feeder.

    Both products can also be used as part of the forage replacement strategy.

  • Increase intakes

    Without exception moist feeds increase intakes. They are palatable, nutritious and fresh, which makes them desirable to all ruminants.

  • Get a highly palatable feed

    Moist and liquid feeds are an excellent source of moisture in animal diets. They are high in available nutrients, highly palatable and therefore very desirable.

  • Secure consistency in quality and supply of animal feeds

    Moist feeds are produced all year round. Fixed price supply contracts are available to help you manage market fluctuations and feed costs.

  • Secure a locally produced animal feed solutions with experienced local Technical Support

    It is now possible to get a reliable locally produced feed with locally sourced ingredients delivered and supported by the experienced Specialist Nutrition team.

  • Experienced local technical support

    Specialist Nutrition’s nationwide experienced team brings a level of expertise to ensure the highest quality products are delivered. Our technical team are available to support you (link to teams)