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Liquid Feeds

Highly palatable, moist and liquid feeds reduce sorting and promote intakes.

Liquid Feeds Benefits

Benefits of feeding liquid feed in a balanced ration diet.

Rich in degradable protein, minerals and fiber, and fully traceable, moist and liquid feeds offer quality, low-cost alternative feed ingredients. They are a good source of energy and protein and are highly palatable, which enhances dry matter intake.



Liquid Feeds



FULTONSYRUP is ideally suited to add moisture and sugar content to animal feed; it is a nutrient-rich high dry matter liquid co-product, produced after the ethanol is extracted, and the residual material evaporated.

Liquid feeds are quality co-products that originate from the food, beverage and ethanol industries and are condensed distillers’ syrup (CDS).

  • Good value
  • Highly palatable
  • Reduced cost per head per day
  • Reduced sorting
  • Locally produced animal feed solutions
  • Improved intakes

FULTONSYRUP is a nutritious co-product from the ethanol industry. Produced in Fulton, NY, this product is quality assured and are available in a consistent and reliable supply to New York dairy farmers and can change the way they feed their cows. It is rich in protein, minerals and fiber and can be fed to livestock in a wide range of feeding situations, as part of a total mixed ration (TMR), or to replace part of the concentrate fraction of a simple feed regime. Both products can also be used as part of the forage replacement strategy.

Our feeds are delivered fresh every day to ensure you are getting the maximum nutritional value.

We deliver our liquid feed, FULTONSYRUP up to 150 miles from the production site in Fulton, New York so that it will be accessible to a large number of farms.

TYPICAL ANALYSIS (Dry matter basis except for DM)

  • Dry Matter 33%
  • Crude Protein 20%
  • NDF 5%
  • Starch 2.5%
  • Crude Fat 3.3%
  • pH 4.13
  • ME MCAL per Ib 0.82

Free from pathogens and extraneous material


Dairy Cows
Up to 5Lbs DM per head per day

Beef Cattle
Up to 5 Lbs of DM per head per day for adult cattle. Can be fed higher in simple diets with just corn and silage

Up to 1Ib of dry matter per head per day, per adult pig per day (FULTONSYRUP only)

Unless specifically recommended, it should not be used in sheep diets

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SN Molasses Enriched Liquid

SN Molasses Enriched Liquid

Liquid Feeds

SN Molasses Enriched Liquid

SN Molasses Enriched Liquid

By feeding sugar cane molasses, you can maintain a higher rumen pH, keeping fiber digestion bacteria active and will reduce the energy the animal takes from grain to maintain rumen function Maintaining production in dairy cattle can lead to increased butter fat, milk protein levels and also to better weaning weights and rate gains for nursing beef calves.

Typical Analysis

Dry Matter

Invert Sugar


Crude Protein


Crude Fat


NEL (Mcal/Lb): .96

NEM (Mcal/Lb): 1.01

NEG (Mcal/Lb): .71

59% PCT

37.4% TSAI




0.39% PCT

1006.7 MCG/LB




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