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SN Candymeal & SN Chocolate Feed

SN Candymeal & SN Chocolate Feed

Dry / Dried Feeds

SN Candymeal & SN Chocolate Feed

SN Candymeal & SN Chocolate Feed

SN Candymeal and SN Chocolate Feed are blends of chocolate, pasta, cereals, crackers, cookies, breads, sugars, nuts and other foods milled with agricultural commodities to create a finished, high-energy feed component.

How does it fit? Typically used as a replacement energy source for corn, cottonseed, or molasses in the ration. Proven to increase ADG in beef, and fat and protein levels in dairy while increasing DMI.

* Inclusion Rates 2-6 lbs/cow/day (Work with a nutritionist for optimal results)

· Replaces Cottonseed pound for pound in the ration

Pricing. Priced at a discount to corn. Sells on average $10+ less than its perceived nutritional value according to Penn State's monthly feed value listings.

· *Comparing current historic Cottonseed prices in the Northeast, Candymeal delivers savings of approximately $75/ton in feed costs

Consistent. We test and regularly monitor to ensure consistency and quality on an ongoing basis.

SN Candymeal Typical Analysis

Moisture: 12%

Protein: 14.2%

Fat: 11.5%

WSC (sugars): 14.1%

Starch: 18%

NEL (Mcal/Lb): 0.96

NEM (Mcal/Lb): 1.01

NEG (Mcal/Lb): 0.71

SN Chocolate Feed Typical Analysis

Moisture: 11%

Protein: 13%

Fat: 11%

WSC (sugars): 19%

Starch: 10%

NEL (Mcal/Lb): .1.00

NEM (Mcal/Lb): 1.06

NEG (Mcal/Lb): 0.76

*to be used with flat storage only

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