Know what you don't know about EORNAGOLG

Know what you don't know about EORNAGOLG

EORNAGOLD helps manage costs, animal nutrition and herd performance while adding moisture to your ration.


EORNAGOLD is produced from pressed residual (spent) grains, evaporated syrup, and a centrifuged cake residue from the whiskey distillation process. Initially, water is added to milled corn or barley and malt and processed in the brew house to extract sugars for fermentation by yeast.

Key Features

  • High quality protein source and energy content
  • Highly palatable to enhance dry matter intake
  • High digestible fibre at lower acidosis risk
  • Suitable for diets with a lower dry matter content
  • Ideal as inclusion for high yielding dairy feeds
  • Excellent supplement to cereals for finishing beef cattle
Milk recording on John’s farm very clearly shows how the improved yield and milk solids are bolstering the overall success of the farm. Milk solids have gone from 548kg in 2016 to 588kg in 2018. Milk volume has improved from 7605L in 2016 to 8679L in 2018. This very clearly shows the obvious benefits of Eornagold in buffer feeding. ―

Our moist feeds are produced as a co-product from the beverage industries here in Ireland. The vast majority are sourced directly from the site of production, and delivered directly onto farm. This ensures that the customer gets a fresh unadulterated product which is produced to the highest standard.

Used correctly in a balanced diet these products produce excellent results and are great value for money. Our team have many years experience in handling and feeding moist feeds.

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