Dry Cow Management And Precalver Minerals

Dry Cow Management And Precalver Minerals

The pre-calving period is a crucial time to set the herd up for healthy calving, early lactation and lead to better performance at breeding

The importance of precalver minerals in this transition period is to support the immunity system and provide minerals in an easily absorbable form with the right requirements for both dry cow and the unborn calf.

• Hoofcare Package with added Biotin:
Feed supplement formulated to improve hoof strength and reduce the incidence of lameness and hoof disorders in cows and cattle
Biotin plus (Hoofcare and energy for milk production)
Choline plus

Helping your transition cows

Our precalver minerals are formulated to support challenges during transition:

hormonal, metabolic, mineral, immunity and inflammation and to increase resilience to metabolic diseases during transition.

Precalver minerals are designed to reduce metabolic diseases, improve gut integrity and increase longevity from improved survival rate to next lactation.